My current practice challenges the traditional craft medium, embroidery, and transforms it to that of fine art. For centuries, embroidery has participated throughout history as a decorative embellishment for domestic goods and wear. In this body of work I denature its established purpose and methodology to create a revitalized contribution and pose a question to fiber art’s current conversation. When we manipulate craft mediums beyond their time-honored techniques and purposes, what is created and what is possible?

Each piece bonds the intangible qualities of light and color with texture, pulling inspiration from traditional quilt making, geometry, and pattern-making. As I work through this process of making I discover new avenues of possibility, and experimentation.

Mongoven has exhibited nationally, from the hot temperatures of Texas and California to the frigid winters of Michigan and New York. Her work has ranged from large scale installation to the minute movements of embroidery.

e: mongovenkatie@gmail.com

photo by H Romero